I do business with Ray Aycox providing website services for his business. The project still needed to be completed due to information I needed from Ray to finish the work. I had an open invitation to stop by to pick up that info because Ray said he should have it ready. I’ve been waiting for this information for about 8 months. The morning of January 7th 2022 I had three client visits with my visit with Ray being the second visit. I never made it to the third visit that day. I made my way to 1714 E. Curry Road in Tempe where Ray has his business.

I have been there at least 4 times prior no with thought of a guard dog on my mind. I’m attaching Exhibit 2 that shows the common driveway off of Curry Road that leads to Ray’s business. I have an X on where I parked my car before going into Ray’s building. That spot is where I’ve always parked when visiting Ray. After getting out of my car I did see a “Beware of Dog” sign (that I don’t remember ever seeing before). After seeing that sign, Ray’s Tibetan Mastiff dog(Exhibit 3) comes from the other side of Ray’s building, down along the public common driveway, goes into fenced in area then looks up and sees me. After seeing me he rushes at me, bites my arm, leg and also catches my back while I escape to hood of my car then onto the roof. He ripped my white business shirt and tee shirt before catching by back as I’m diving onto my car. Exhibit 4 shows the damage to my arm. Exhibit 5 shows my ripped shirt after the attack.

I started yelling Ray’s name for help. Ray did not know where his dog was and said he finally heard the dog barking and knew that wasn’t good. He and one of his workers finally came out to help. Having a “Beware of Dog” sign means you know you have an aggressive dog and I believe during normal business hours he should have that dog tied up or at the very least know where it is. You normally would not have a “Beware of Dog” sign if you owned a Poodle for example.