Create Your Own Tokens

Is it time You created your own Custom Token?  Would you like to offer your Loyal Clients New Reward Points?  Well I have a Secret I’ll share with you Now!!  Web 3.0 allows us to create for you your own Custom Token (which is like creating your own coin or money).  Using blockchain technology we can establish a token symbol then Mint tokens for you to use in many applications.

Some uses include Reward Points for your Loyal Clients.  Now you can reward quality clients with your Tokens to show your appreciation.  You can also use your Tokens as a prepay option to your clients with incentives.  An example would be to offer a discount token price for a year’s commitment of business. Currently most companies do work for their clients while putting up all the upfront cost then chase a Purchase Order to hopefully get paid for their services.  What if they could prepay for your services(or products such as parts) by buying tokens then the tokens get deducted as they use your service or buy your products.

How about establishing your own online store that uses your Tokens as a form of payment?  We do that now with our Online Store selling Tickets.  You can view this example by Clicking Here.  You can sell whatever you would like from your online store with your Custom Token as the payment method.  So a Loyal Client who receives Tokens from you can go to your website and purchase whatever you decide to put on the platform.  It could be promotional items like hats, tee shirt or jackets.  Or it could be event tickets or maybe an item you purchased in the past but never opened the package and it’s just sitting around collecting dust – or even a second hand item that someone would love to buy using your Custom Token.  Maybe they see an item for only 25 Tokens and want to buy even it’s used snowblower or bike??  Again the idea is whatever is on the Online Store can be purchased using your Token!

So we use the term Custom Token but we do mean Digital Currency.  Unfortunately these Minted Custom Tokens do not have any value outside of your own application.  And more importantly they do not have the opportunity to grow in value like a Security Token does.  These are NOT Security Tokens.  If you decide to Mint 1 Billion of your own Tokens, you can’t sell $25,000 worth of Tokens to someone and make the promise that in 5 years those Tokens could be worth a lot more than $25,000.  That would be illegal and not recommended.  Having said that, if someone wants to give $30,000 for 25,000 tokens then that’s a private sale between two adults.  In our Online Ticket Store one Vike Token equals one Dollar which means if 2 tickets cost $400 then that would be 400 Vike Tokens unless we decide to discount our tokens or if we feel someone would pay more than 400 Tokens.  Again that’s an agreement between seller and buyer.

Having said all that we do believe we are only scratching the surface.  There are probably more uses coming down the road we have not thought about today.  Bottom line is Digital Currency is here to stay and the companies who embrace the technology and start using it now will be so far ahead of the their competition down the road.

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