Vike has been hired to develop a website for Sun Valley Electric Manufacturing with the following requirements listed below. Sun Valley Electric Manufacturing will provide all necessary images and documents to assist Vike in developing this website. Sun Valley Electric Manufacturing will own all files developed by Vike and can request a copy at any time. Vike has outlined the development requirements/options as follows:

Redesign of Up to 10 Page Website 
Cropping and Cleaning of Client Photographs 

Optimize Website 
Optimize Up to 10 Page Website
Optimizing Title Tags
Optimize Meta Description Tags
Optimize Meta Keyword Tags
Create a Meta Robots Tag
Add Emphasis with Header Tags Optimize Images
Recreate Links Correctly Structure URLs
Correctly Adjust Keyword Density 

Search Engine Optimization 
Submit to Google WebMaster Tools
Submit to Bing Webmaster Tools
Submit to Yahoo Webmaster Tools
Install Google Analytics Codes Install Yahoo Tracking Codes
Evaluate Top Competitors
Automate Website Reports External Link Building
Evaluate Competition

Training Sales Manager to Add Content to Website 

Development Fee

Vike Representation